Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What Difference Do It Make?

What Difference Do It Make? By Ron Hall, Denver Moore and Lynn Vincent is one of those books filled with so much information and inspirations you won’t want to loan it out but rather buy copies for your friends and family.

It’s hard to read both Ron and Denver’s writings and not feel instantly moved by the honestly and brevity of their words. I didn’t have the pleasure of reading their first book, Same Kind of Different as Me, but I can assure you it is on my to-read list. I never felt like I came in halfway through a story both authors do a great job of keeping the reader up to speed and referencing the previous book. Their stories are real and never feel staged which too often happens in books aimed at “Hope and Healing.” I mean these aren’t a bunch of sappy stories that will make you reach for the soup if you catch my drift. These are the kind of spoken memories that make you say, “Oh, no he did not just say that out loud did he?”

Semantics aside I cannot describe to you the hope and warmth emanating from both these soulful outpourings. Besides Ron and Denver you are also treated to insights from others touched by their stories. Carolyn’s story, in particular, spoke to the gardener in me. I couldn’t agree more with the Garden School’s Philosophy, “…schools should be like parks, not prisons; the best way to learn about good food is to grow it and children have to know nature to love it.”

While I received this book free of charge I was not encouraged to provide a review other than my own. That being said, I whole-heartedly recommend this book to anyone looking for a bright spot on a cloudy day.

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