Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Unofficial Portion of My Time in Chicago

This year there was so much chattering about private, outboard, etc. etc. parties that I decided it'd probably be best for me to share my photos from those events here! I'm going in reverse chronological order starting with Saturday night!
This was the Disney after party following the pre-screening of Delivery Man, the upcoming film featuring Vince Vaughn. It was such a good movie, you can definitely expect to hear more about it closer to the release date in October! Earlier in the day Saturday I attended the Sweets and Treats party, unfortunately I didn't get any pictures while I was there.
I ended Friday night at the #EcoFab50 party, hosted by First Time Mom and Cloth Diaper Geek! There were only four sponsors in attendance (along with a henna artist) but the swag bag was teeming with such great eco-friendly baby products. I really hope I'm able to share more about these great companies with you in the future!
EcoFab 50 pic
These are just a couple of the awesome shots I got from the 92nd floor of the John Hancock Observatory during the CouponCabin Happy Hour. Now don't get me wrong, the pizza was cold and hard and there wasn't anything fancy going on during the party, but these views made it worth the trip up the two very scary elevators. Thankfully Anne Hogan was with me...p.s. she was one of the lucky $12,000 winners the night before at the #AwesomeChi party. When we left we also received these personally autographed cookbooks!

Attending the Lifetime Primp ‘n Pamper Lounge was a last minute decision that I'm glad I made! I got another massage, had my fortune read ("You're going to be creating a lot in January" tell me something I don't already know!), and my nails painted.
Friday morning started at Millinium Park for a little Yoga with Yasso. I've never gone to a yoga class let alone one that was outside. It was misting that morning and the mats were wet so I ended up doing my downward dogs in the grass. If you're a yoga kinda gal, I highly recommend taking it outside!
As we left we received gift bags, the yoga mat we'd be using, a Yasso bar and a juice. Mine was Cayenne Lemon Agave...yes, it tasted as unappetizing as it sounds. Thankfully I can't remember the brand.
Thursday night was wrapped up at the Sweet Suite hosted by The Big Toy Book. I'm ashamed to say I only took pictures of this Legends of Chima Lego toy but rest assured, I also was attacked by a flying fairy, met Marty a finalist from last year's Food Network Star competition, and made so many awesome connections I cannot wait to share it all with you! It's going to be good! Swag is being shipped but I did pick up some little goodies from Fashion Angel and a couple of other brands.
The Awesome Party, sponsored by Yappem,  was held in a nice location, The Crystal Gardens at the Navy Pier. I enjoyed the food, cotton candy, and candy bar. I met Amanda from Saving for Five there and she was a friendly face at many of the other events throughout the weekend! Here she is getting a lashes and lip gloss during the event. 
Is it horrible that the only thing I got a picture of during the Socialluxe Lounge was a plate of macaroons, my henna tattoo, and most of the swag? I did have a good time and got my first massage of the weekend.
Here’s a pic of the swag…minus a bottle of liquor and a PS3 game.
The first unofficial party I headed out to was The Baby Ladies "Save Babies Blogger Baby Shower"; it was held on the skyline terrace of the Inn of Chicago. What I loved about this event was that it wasn't just about the products it was also about raising awareness to help save babies. But don't get me wrong the products were cool too. I mean, it's been a while since I had a stroller and my goodness have they changed! I watched the Contours stroller presentation in awe of how easy it was to operate and use.
Wednesday night, just a few hours after arriving in Chicago I got the chance to head out on the water and watch fireworks aboard a SeaDog Cruise. I'm truly not a firework's person and planned on attending just for my roommate (who ended up being banned from anything unofficial and therefore unable to join me) but wow. It was awesome! We got a quick tour and learned about the buildings that make up the Chicago Skyline. Plus, I won a Beatrix Girls doll for Esther! Double score!
I can honestly say had it not been for the many friendly faces, sponsors, hosts, etc. of all these 'unofficial' parties my time in Chicago would have been one giant suckfest! (I'm really not kidding either.) I'm so grateful to have been invited to take part in such amazing events. Here's to next year!