Thursday, April 18, 2013

Personalized Scrap Paper Artwork

Personalized Scrap Paper Artwork via My Very Educated Mother

Guess what? We’re adding on to our house (you’ll be hearing more about this later) which means the two little ones will be getting their own rooms. How exciting right? I know the first time I had a room to myself I couldn’t wait to start decorating the walls! Not much has changed, the ground hasn’t even been broken and I’m already daydreaming d├ęcor ideas. When the package of Apple Barrel paintand Mod Podge Washout showed up at our door I couldn’t wait to get busy on the first project on my list – Personalized Scrap Paper Artwork!

The Apple Barrel Paints matched up perfectly to some scrap scrapbook paper I had wanted to clean out of my supply closet and the Mod Podge Washout is made with kids in mind. As its name implies it washes out easier but that’s not what grabbed my kid’s attention, after watching me use the Gloss and Matte formulas on so many projects they were happy to see a formula (and bottle) made for them. P.S. I’m not allowed to use it unless they say it’s okay. Seriously, they have control issues…I blame it on their father.

Personalized Artwork Project via My Very Educated Mother
  • Apple Barrel Paints
  • Mod Podge Washout
  • Scrap pieces of scrapbook paper
  • canvases
  • stencils
  • Spouncer sponge stencil brushes


Because these pieces are made by, and for, the kids I let them pick out their favorite pieces of scrapbook paper, then we started ripping it up. Warning: Don’t walk away for a minute to grab your camera or you’ll end up with pieces too small to use! When you let kids rip something up, they’ll really rip it up.
@mvemother Personalized Artwork - Ripping Up the Paper
This is my favorite part, lay the pieces of paper onto your canvas in a pattern that pleases you. Remind you little ones to overlap as little as possible.

My Very Educated Mother - Personalized Artwork - Laying out Design
Once you get a layout everyone can live with start Mod Podging your pieces down. If you haven’t noticed we recycled some older canvases. Personalized Artwork-Mod Podging our pieces
Once the canvas was covered we let everything dry and then Mommy stepped it. I went ahead and trimmed the paper off the sides and put on the final coats of Mod Podge. Now the pictures were ready for stenciling.

We’ve used stencils before so the kids knew the importance of holding them as still as possible. As you can see in the picture below, I held down a corner for my daughter and ended up with green fingers! No worries, like the Podge the paint washed off both the kids and I easily with soap and water.
This ended up being such a fun project I foresee many more like it in my future!

I want to note, my daughter used heavier two-sided paper so she had virtually NO bubbling. My son on the other hand not only used thinner paper but also got a bit ahead of himself, while I helped his sister. I completely understand his impatience, it’s hard for me to wait for someone to tell me what to do sometimes too.

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Personalized Artwork Project7
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