Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hasbro HouseParty!

Tonight was my Hasbro Houseparty!  Unfortunately as a week night we couldn’t get as many people out for it…but we had a super great time!  I think we need to make a habit of it. 

The star of the night was the new Trivia Pursuit game where you get to bet whether or not your opponents will be able to answer their questions right or wrong!  With six players we ran out of money fast,  ‘cause we all know each other well enough to know what we can and cannot answer :) 

Taboo was fun but much harder than Catchphrase, which Nate deemed a perfect drinking game!  All in all we had a good time and good snacks I almost forgot to mention all the awesome wheat thins and triscuits!  Oh, and the special dark CHOCOLATE bites!  MMMMMM!