Monday, September 24, 2012

Puffy Paint Glow Map

@mvemother Puffy Paint Glow Map #iLoveToCreate
Recently I was lucky enough to receive a package of Puffy Paint Glow from iLoveToCreate.  Just moments after I opened the box a number of Halloween inspired crafts came to mind. Colorful Day of the Dead Skulls and Ghostly Glow Window Clings; no other holiday lends itself to Glow paint better. But when I read that the paint could be used on paper, I went in a completely different direction…and you will need a map for it!  Bwa, ha, ha!

No matter the locale charted out, maps add a certain charm to any room of the home. On the walls of a children’s bedroom they incite dreams of exploration while familiarizing little minds with the world around them. By adding a bit of Glow paint this otherwise standard decoration becomes an interactive piece of art. 

@mvemother Puffy Paint Glow 12 pack #iLoveToCreate

  • Puffy Paint Glow 12 Pack
  • a paper map

@mvemother Puffy Paint Glow Map 2

These may be the simplest directions in the history of directions but sometimes the easiest projects can get complicated if you don’t take things into consideration before you get started.

1. Smooth out your map.  Use an iron if necessary to get rid of any creases or folds.

@mvemother Puffy Paint Glow Map 3
2. If your map takes up your entire dining room table, like mine did, plan on eating in the living room. Seriously, after everything is painted the last thing you’ll want to do is ruin all your hard work by trying to move it.

@mvemother Puffy Paint Glow Map 4
3. If you’re left-handed start in the northeast corner of your map, if you’re right-handed the northwest. Continue to work diagonally across the paper to prevent any accidental smearing.

@mvemother Puffy Paint Glow Map 5
4. Coordinate your colors with the map, whether teal or grey, the Puffy Paint Glow 12 pack has all that you’ll need and remember they will intensify as they dry.

@mvemother Puffy Paint Glow Map 6
5. Here’s a fun geography question for you to contemplate while the paint dries.  Can you find the chef in the middle of America?*

@mvemother Puffy Paint Glow Map 7 #iLoveToCreate
6. If you don’t plan on framing your map, add a strip of packing tape across the top to strengthen the paper.

7. Prepare for ohhs and ahhs when you turn the lights out.  Um, if you tend to get motion sickness don’t stare at the ONLY glowing picture I could get, it’s a blur, make that a brightly glowing blur.

@mvemother Glowing Puffy Paint Map
I’m super excited with the results and the kids love it!  I’ve got more ideas for this product so stay tuned…those Day of the Dead Skulls are going to be happening and soon.  Find my post disclosure here.

For more crafting ideas with this and other great products be sure to visit iLoveToCreate on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

*The chef is in profile.  Minnesota-chef’s hat, Iowa-face/nose, Missouri-belly, Arkansas-legs, Louisiana-boot.

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Mother & Daughter Bonding Over


Last Monday, with coffee in hand, I was reading through my Facebook feed when I came along a post featuring an adorable outfit that cost $25 from  Essie was sitting next to me so I went ahead and followed the link, thinking we could sit and do a little online window shopping while we had our breakfast.  Half an hour later, our order was confirmed and two days later we were opening that cute pink box and trying on our first FabKids outfit!