Friday, December 4, 2009

Has it really been a month?

Wow, with changes at work I spent most of November in the office and fell behind on my savings hunting.  However I continue to keep up with my coupons.  On average I’ve been saving $35 when I go grocery shopping but this time I did sooo good I gotta brag!  $54 saved by using coupons.  This is the most I’ve ever saved and I’m so excited.  Much to the cashier’s chagrin the lady in line behind me asked how I find all these good coupons and I told her about and Frugal Friend

I’d try to give a rundown of my exact savings but well my to do list is still too long.  I don’t know how those other ladies do it, but I’m so grateful they do!


Everything is the picture had a minimum of a $1 off, which made the panko .16 a box and nothing went over a $1…except for the chocolates.  

Butterball Turkey broth .41 a can, no coupons, just great deal!


Money Maker! $1.00 off Kotex product that were only .84 each, that’s .32  (–paid for the panko)

Free Alouette Brie wheel $5.99 savings!

Free Alouette crumbles feta cheese $1.79 savings!

$3.00 total on Pantene shampoo and conditions!

$3.00 total on Glad candles!

9.00 on Kashi GoLean Crunch cereals ( unfortunately the commissary bumped these up from $2 a box to $3.23 but I still got them all for $3.96 if my math is right.)

Commissaries are great about coupons and they actually had some that make the Nestle hot chocolate .41 a box!


Sierra Mist ended up being .98 for 2 with a B1G1 free coupon!

Now that' I’m back to my usually schedule I’ll hopefully find time to hunt out some deals of my own to share!

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